In the past ten years the goals of the Trevilian Station Battlefield Foundation have gone from elusive dream to a breath taking 2000 acres saved. With help from the Civil War Trust this land has been saved not only for it's historical significance but also as a place where the public can enjoy the land's natural beauty. One need only look at the pictures below to understand the fate of this land if left unprotected.


The middle of Trevilian Station, where men of both sides died

Custer fighting as he approached Trevilian Station


Position of the 7th Georgia Cavalry

Position of Confederate Artillery Day One


Confederate Flanking Attack Confederate Flanking Attack


Confederate Camps Custer's Position


Depot Fight Depot Fight Day One


Fitz Lee's Camp Michigan Cavalry Position


Rosser's Position Day One Rosser's Charge


Toward the Depot Trevilian Station Fight


But all is not lost, help us in any way you can.


The Dunn Farm - Preserved for All


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