On July 14, 2007 TSBF helped the Louisa Board of Economic Development out with a new tourist information film. The particular incident involved the fight at Nederland Tavern between the 7th Georgia Cavalry and Union Cavalry. During that engagement Mrs. Lucy Hughson and her baby were caught inside the tavern. When she tried to get out of harms way a federal cavalryman escorted her away from the fight while both sides called for a cease fire. Special thanks go to Mr. Anderson who graciously allowed the use of his recreated Nederland Tavern.

Thanks to all who gave up their day to help.

Ginger Lanier and Kathy Medwid (the only casualty of the battle, maimed by a Yankee horse; we hope the toe is better)

Mark Bailey, Donald Currin, John Jerrell, Jack Johnson, Gerald Harlow, Robert Lanier, Nick Medwid, Mike Murphy

Dave Spearman, Addison Speer, Zo Speer

And to Kathy Stiles and Christian for cooking the dogs and feeding everyone!


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