TSBF and the 23rd Virginia Infantry put on a recruitment re-enactment at the newly saved Trevilian House 

Read article from the "The Central Virginian" on the Trevilian House.  Click Here


                                                           The Dunn Family paid a visit to the old homestead on Park day 2008.



Through the work of President Gerald Harlow a tombstone for Robert Emory Dunn of the 13th VA Infantry was acquired.  

Pictured L. to R.  Wayne Dunn, Gerald Harlow, Ed Crebbs.  Info about Robert Dunn's death is located  below.  


Letter from Pattie Dunn Cosby to her brother William Melville Summerfield Dunn.

'Colleys Home', May 16th 1864 [Monday] ;
 My Dear Brother,

 It is with a sad heart I seal myself this morning to inform you of the death
of our dear Bob. He fell quietly (12th) about twelve o'clock AM, and lived
until sundown. When he was wounded the surgeon thought the wound severe but
not mortal. Bob told them he knew he was going to die and asked them to
keep his body until Papa could send for it. He then ___ to Shorty Barrett
(who himself laid with him) said 'give my love to all the dear ones at home
and tell them not to grieve for me, for all will be for ___, but tell them
to ___ to meet me in Louisa.' He was perfectly conscious until about a half
an hour before he breathed his last and then Shorty said he was _____.
Shorty, as soon as he died, hastened home and we went immediately and
recovered his body.

He looked just as if he were asleep, his ___ was one of the sweetest smiles
I ever saw. He was buried yesterday by the side of our angel mother. Oh!
Brother Mel, tis so hard to give him up. But we have the blessed
consolation that he is for better off and that he fell gallantly discharging
his duty. Wish you could have been here. Oh, I reckon I loved him so ___
but who could help loving him. I would write more but haven't the heart.
Write soon. ____ anything from Luther. Your devoted sister, Pattie.

P.S. I forgot to tell you that dear Bob was shot through the shoulder.





TSBF assisted the Louisa County Board of Economic Development with a new Tourism film. A number of volunteers gave their time and effort

             with this project. Click on the Nederland Tavern link to see the "rush" shots.





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