The President’s column

Friends of Trevilian Station,


We have exciting news on preservation.  First of all the original site of the Netherland Tavern was negotiated for and purchased by the American Battlefields Trust.  There today is a reconstructed Tavern although it is only similar to the original tavern and faces the highway which is in the wrong direction.  But while the building is lacking in authenticity, it is the site where major fighting took place.  To help with the purchase Trevilian Station Battlefield Foundation, Inc. was able to donate $40,000 to the purchase.

We discovered two properties for purchase where Custer’s men approached from Mildred’s Crossing and notified ABT.  They successfully negotiated the purchase and the two add another twenty-three acres to our preserved land.  Sadly though, Liberty Homes was able to buy a one acre parcel right in the middle of the two parcels and removed an old structure.  We contacted them before they built upon it and were willing to offer them far more than they paid.  The officers of the company could only reply that we had the same opportunity to buy it and that was too bad that they beat us to it.  They constructed one of their homes in record time to destroy the integrity of the other two parcels.  Money is a top priority to the greedy; history does not even enter the discussion.

The Trevilian Station Agricultural and Forestal District was formed with the great help of David Stone, a retired Virginia Department of Forestry employee.  This district encompasses over 4400 acres!  Landowners who added their land are guaranteeing that for the next ten years their land will remain in the uses that will preserve the land.  After ten years, the district can be renewed again.

TSBF put the finishing touches on the inside of the Trevilian House this past winter-spring.  All rooms are now finished and the main house is fully furnished with period pieces thanks to great bidding at an auction by Ed and Charlaine Crebbs.

Park Day on the first Saturday of April this year was a success.  One crew cleaned around the Netherland Tavern while a second crew cut and hauled away many dead trees from the Shiflett Farm, where most of the July 12, 1864 battle took place.  When you go by or stop at our last marker concerning the fighting around the Ogg House, look to the east and enjoy our sunflowers that are in bloom on this hallowed ground.

Each Thursday during the good weather months Ed and Charlaine Crebbs along with Pat Baber open the house for tours.  Thanks to them, many are able to take our Trevilian House tour to see where the family lived that the hamlet is named after.  Only painting and a few other things remain to finish the outside.

One of our largest private contributions this year came from the Mineral Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.  The $1700 donation really helped pay the bill for the completion of the only unfinished room, which now is our meeting room.  We typically meet at the Trevilian House on the fourth Thursday of each odd-numbered month at 1 p.m.  If you would like to join us please do.

Our horse riding and walking trails have seen many improvements.  Expanded now, the totals mileage will approach twenty miles.  Also the Louisa Parks and Recreation department will allow year-around Sunday access to the trails in addition to the Memorial Day to Labor Day access.

Ed Crebbs has added a rail display out front of the Trevilian House that shows examples of the types of rails in use at the time of the battle. 

Lastly, TSBF will be celebrating our twenty-fifth anniversary this coming October and we hope to plan a special event.  Please follow our website and Facebook page for further details.


Gerald “Jerry” Harlow, President TSBF
Trevilian Station Battlefield Foundation, Inc.


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