Pieces of the Past

In the photo below you will find a few of the relics that were harvested from the battlefield in the years before TSBF started it's mission to protect and conserve this hollowed ground. Please be advised that relic hunting is now forbidden except under strict archeological guidelines and only with the permission of the Foundation.

All of the relics shown below were discovered by Mr. Herbert Thornton. He donated all these items and more to the Foundation for which we are deeply appreciative.


A general idea of what you are looking at.

Upper left:  Various buckles and straps for leather belting and harness.  A sword scabbard drag (end cap)  And of interest the tail end of a trigger guard from a Maynard carbine.

Upper center:  Various shirt and vest buttons, civilian pattern.

Upper right: Military buttons, mostly Federal dome shields. However there is one "Volunteer Mass Militia" dome. If anyone has an idea of how that found it's way to Trevilian's please let us know.

Center left:  two pocket knifes  the piece in between the knifes seems to be sling hook for an unknown type of carbine.

Center right:  A US belt plate, a US cartridge box plate and a spur. Various coins.

Lower left: A fork, a very small ax head, various buckles. The U shaped items are back pack keeper hooks.

Lower center: Federal Bormann shell fuse, confederate copper/paper fuse, possibly the inner shell of a fuse and  friction primers. An Enfield lock, trigger guard and front band.


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